We have been made aware of a few instances of potentially fraudulent activity in relation to DLG bonds where members of the public have been telephoned and asked to invest in our bonds. We never phone people to sell bonds. Please contact the Investor Relations team if you are contacted by anyone trying to sell you our bonds over the phone or if you have any concerns or questions.


A little bit clearer

Understandably, many people have little idea what to expect once their car is involved in an accident, and the whole process can seem very daunting. We're asked some questions regularly, and so we have put the answers together for you - to help make everything a little clearer.

Do you guarantee work undertaken to my vehicle?

Yes, for a period of 5 years, or the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty whichever is the longer. The warranty shall be for the lifetime of the individual's ownership of the vehicle.

Can I choose when I have my car delivered?

We will try to provide an indication of morning or afternoon delivery. Where a courtesy car is issued, it must be available to us at the time of delivery of your vehicle.

Is there any charge for the courtesy car?

No, it is supplied under the terms of your policy . However, you are responsible for any fines such as parking, bus lane or other traffic contraventions whilst the vehicle is in your care.

We do ask that you do basic checks, tyres, oil and water as you would in your own car.

Who can drive the courtesy car?

The persons covered by your insurance policy at the time you are using the courtesy car can drive it. They are subject to the same terms and conditions as your current policy, including excesses, windscreen damage etc.

What courtesy car can I expect?

If you are entitled to a courtesy car, we have a fleet of Vauxhall Corsas or similar, which will be supplied to you upon collection of your vehicle.

Why can delays arise during repairs?

The insurance company engineer may need to inspect the vehicle. Additional work may be identified during the course of repairs beyond the original estimate. Parts may not be available at the time of the repair.

Who is responsible for damage to courtesy cars provided by DLG Auto Services?

Your own insurance policy is used for the courtesy car and you are responsible for any excess payments. This would be considered an additional claim.

What fuel do I use, and is a refund available for unused fuel?

All of our cars use unleaded petrol and we ask you to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as when you received it.  No refund is given in respect of any unused fuel.

What happens if the insurance company does not approve all items of repair?

We are only able to undertake the work approved by the insurance company's engineer in relation to the accident damage. We are able to quote for additional repairs whilst the vehicle is with us and would need to be subject to private invoice. If you are unhappy with the engineer's decision it is important that you contact your insurance company immediately.

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