We have been made aware of a few instances of potentially fraudulent activity in relation to DLG bonds where members of the public have been telephoned and asked to invest in our bonds. We never phone people to sell bonds. Please contact the Investor Relations team if you are contacted by anyone trying to sell you our bonds over the phone or if you have any concerns or questions.

Intelligent Vehicle Inspection (IVI) Process

You will be sent a link to send us images of the accident damage so we can quickly understand any parts that may be required. 

Once your vehicle is on site, our Vehicle Damage Assessor will confirm the extent of the damage and explain when we expect to start with the necessary repairs.


This is how it helps us get you back on the road.

5 Year Guarantee

We guarantee our work for a period of 5 years or the remainder of the manufacturers warranty, whichever is the longer. This means parts, materials and workmanship provided are guaranteed for five years, unless you sell your car or end your lease. Your car will not qualify for repair under our 5-year Guarantee if the cause is a lack of maintenance, wear and tear, or a subsequent incident.


Get in touch with the site who carried out the repairs to discuss in more detail.

5 year guarantee leaflet

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